Proxy Top Lists

A proxy top list site is an old school way that proxy webmasters to promote their brand new proxy site and make them well known to the public. The concept is very simple and usually those sites are based on the same script. All that the proxy owners has to do is to register for an account on those web sites and complete a simple form with a couple of information about the proxy website that he/she wants to advertise. Once he does that, he then have to place a code onto his proxy site and that's all.

Depending on the top list's settings the ranking on it can be different. Some of them rank first the proxies sites that have the most pages views. On the others hand they will rank first those that have the most clicks from the top list to to the proxy website. Last but not least there are others that rank first those that have the most votes coming from the proxy website to the top list.

As an example to our article we could mention a couple of high ranking proxy top list like Top 100 Proxy Sites or The Ultimate Unblocker

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